Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ninja Weapons Training Video - Katana Distance Control

Watch this Ninja weapons training video about Katana distance control.  You'll be able to train more realistically with this safety tip.  We do NOT recommend that you use a live blade, you should only use a wooden, padded bokken or a shinai to practice.  The Bujinkan ninjutsu instructors in this video are trained professionals using slow demonstration techniques in a controlled environment.

This video is a supplement "Shodan" level training tip that supports learning with the black belt video course "Basics of Ninja Training" by Ninja Learning Network.  (See information below about ordering the instant downloads or DVD/Bluray discs of the course.)  Shodan level training is intended to offer advanced tips for first degree black belt students of Bujinkan Budo Taijutus, the ninjutsu school of Grandmaster Hatsumi.

This video uses a "live" katana sword blade that is sharp and dangerous. You should never imitate this training video with any real blades or dangerous objects.  You should train with padded wooden "bokken" or "shinai" instead of katana which are easily ordered by mail anywhere in the world.
Click Image to Find Katana, Bokken and Shinai

Notice that this training tip in the video is executed slowly for safety reasons.  Even when you practice with wooden or padded tools, you should start slowly with many repetitions.

"Ninja training weapons" used at most dojos can result in lethal consequences if not used carefully during practice. The most common set of Ninja training weapons found at dojos today are the katana (sword), bo shuriken (throwing needles or darts made from metal), senban shuriken (called "ninja" stars and they come in many shapes), the bo (staff), the tanto (knife), kunai and throwing knives, the shoto (a short sword somewhat like modern machetes), kasuri fundo (chain with hard bits on the ends), kasuri gama (a hooked blade on a handle with chain and weighted end), kyoketsu shoge (a rope ring on one end and a barbed blade at the other) shuko (hand claws) the jutte (metal bar with a hooked piece) tessen (a metal "fan") and spear-like weapons on a staff such as the yari and naginata. Ninja training weapons today also include the use of common objects like buckles and cups to fend off attacks.