Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ninjutsu Technique Video: Jodan and Gedan Uke

"Ninjutsu Techniques Video: Jodan Uke and Gedan Uke Tips"

Today's video lesson, "Ninjutsu: Jodan Uke and Gedan Uke Tips" goes into a few tips and details to help you understand some basic concepts of "Jodan Uke" or "Upper Block/Strike." These tips also apply to performing "Gedan Uke" or "Lower Block/Strike." How you move your feet while maintaining good posture is one of the critical points demonstrated here, including variation of your angle and distance from the opponent. Depending on where you want to strike the opponent, you will change the distance and angle of your motion. Paul also describes why and how to avoid moving your arm too far into the motion and how bending your wrist at the wrong angle will cause you to loose strength.

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