Friday, February 8, 2013

Samurai Sword - The Katana

Samurai Swords - The Katana: 

Japanese Part Names and Basic Etiquette.

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Sensei Roemke explains the Japanese terms for just a few of the parts of the sword and introduces some concepts about respectfully using and caring for the weapon. There is a lot more to know and this is a very introductory explanation for novices who are just beginning to use this famous blade.

In all the sword videos on this channel Sensei Roemke demonstrates Enbukan techniques from the Enshin Itto Battojutsu Ryu as taught by the Machida family in Japan where he learned it.

There are 3 more youtube videos about the sword and Sensei Roemke teaches it much more in depth in the black belt video course at


This video is an excerpt from 7th kyu of the black belt video course "Basics of Ninja Training" available on DVD or instant download at

Meditation Tips from Sensei Roemke

Meditation and Breath Control for Relaxation and Positive Energy 


IT'S A NEW YEAR: Start 2013 with the right state of mind! Watch these meditation tips and breathing techniques to acheive relaxation and positive energy all year long. 

Sensei Roemke covers some tips and basic concepts about breath control, relaxation and positive energy visualization. The first point is about how to become aware that during any excited situation, such as an attack or an intense sport experience, you should not hyperventilate from your mouth. Control your breath by inhaling through the mouth and then exhaling out of your nose. This will force you to focus on your breathing and think about every thing you are doing -- rather than reacting to adrenaline. Don't freak out, keep cool with conscious breath control! 

Next Sensei Roemke introduces Pranayama Breathing Techniques. You can practice breathing in through one nostril and out the other. This encourages both sides of brain to synchronize and relax your mind and body together. Another idea to practice is "straw-restricted breathing." For 5 minutes you can breath out of a straw. This restricted airflow forces you to slow and control your breathing which changes your mental state and increased your ability to control your breath without panic. 

Finally, you can go through a "Visualization" exercise to release stress and pain, to imbue your body with positive energy and align thoughts about healing and relaxation into your entire body. This is a meditation and breathing exercise that will restart the energy flow in your body and bring positive energy into your mental and physical states.