Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ninjutsu Weapon: Kusari Fundo - Ninja Black Belt Techniques

 Ninjutsu Weapon:  Kusari Fundo - Ninja Blackbelt Techniques Videos

Ninjutsu Weapon: Kusari Fundo - Black Belt Grappling Techniques - Ninja Weapons Training:   In this videos, the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo demonstrates some training exercises that mostly employ grappling methods with the KUSARI FUNDO. Carefully take note of the defensive moves as well as the attacker techniques. This video is a free clip that supplements the more in-depth lesson about the kusari fundo taught in 4th of the black belt video course "Basics Of Ninja Training" at (click link to read more about about the Kusari Fundo Ninjutsu Weapons and many other "Ninja Weapons.")

"Kusari" means chain and the "fundo" means metal bits at the ends. For training purposes, many Sensei tell students to use soft ropes with wound knots or wooden chunks at the end to train safely. Metal chains with metal tips should only be used with extreme care. For safety reasons, Sensei Roemke is not demonstrating extreme whip techniques, hard poking or striking nor any flesh-scraping maneuvers - which are some of the most damaging and possibly deadly aspects of this weapon. This Ninjutsu Weapon Kusari Fundo video focuses on defensive grappling meant to stop or capture an attacker. Shihan Roemke and the others in this video are intentionally using a slow and soft grappling method  (as in ALL their videos) to encourage safety oriented practice for novices who watch their videos. All students should avoid trying any martial art exercises quickly or with great force, unless they are a very advanced martial artists under supervision of experienced instructors and who are training with other sensible athletes.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ninja Christmas Gifts and Birthday Presents

 Ninja Christmas Gifts and Birthday Presents

What to get your Favorite Ninja Student for Christmas or Birthday Gifts...

Anyone learning the ancient martial art of the Ninja is engaged in an infinite lifelong pursuit of physical performance prowess and philosophical wisdom. Traditional self-defense skills that were originally intended for people trying to survive during the chaotic decline of the Samurai era are now, in modern times, considered spiritual, self protection and sport achievement pursuits. The list of training supplies, practice weapons, uniforms, dojo equipment, home gym gear, books and videos that are part of a modern ninja's training program is endless. Every minute addition to a ninja students arsenal of tools and knowledge are cherished contributions to the development of their physical and psychological capabilities. So, it's no wonder that most martial arts students are constantly searching for new tools and information about past and present techniques and theories.

This is where the friends of any Ninja can play an important role in the history of the martial art, by contributing to the well-being of their Ninja pals! You can instantly provide your favorite modern-day Ninja with something they need to keep the tradition flowing. You'll feel incredibly warm and fuzzy knowing that you have provided a worthy Ninja with DVDs about ancient assassination techniques, books about the spiritual foundations for knowing how to kill if it's ever necessary, and sending them modern versions of potentially lethal ancient weapons. It's does a heart good to participate in ancient forms of self preservation while "paying it forward" by giving your pal a martial art gift!

If you are shopping for a gift for your local Ninja, but have no idea what to do about it, we recommend you browse around at a few web sites that specialize in selecting gear for martial artists. If you aren't sure about what items to get, just go for the instantlyemailable, printable or mailable gift cards and certificates. They're great for letting your Ninja pals prowl around on their own to nab exactly what they need. 

Help a Ninja out! Support your local Ninja...

To browse for gift ideas, we recommend that you visit Ninja Learning Network, Martial Arts Gifts, Martial Arts Weapons or Ninjutsu Videos

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