Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ninjutsu Training Drill: Breath Control

--> Paul reminds everyone to pay attentiong to breath control while you are doing your Ninjutsu training sessions and Ninjutsu maneuvers. He shows examples of breath control while rolling, punching, taking strikes etc. This simple reminder is really important, especially for beginners. But a lot of advanced Ninjutsu students forget to do this properly when they get excited about new, advanced techniques. Start making this a habit and check yourself frequently. Help your partner to remember this while training on the mat.
Start practicing your breath control and awareness of your breathing when you are warming up, paying close attention to when you inhale and exhale. Try breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose as you do your warm up exercises. Also be aware of how you breath during other parts of your daily life. How do you breathe when you sit in a chair talking on the phone? How do you breathe when you are walking through the parking lot to the store? How do you breathe when you are working out at the gym, or cooling off after your workout? Be aware of all your breathing at all times and begin to exercise breath control at all times. After awhile, you will be able to train your body to automatically breath properly and you will not need to focus on specific breath control.
Proper breath control also affects your Ninjutsu skills accuracy and your strike or defense energy direction during your Ninjutsu (or any martial arts) training. It also affects the oxygen and metabolic processes in your body. And your ability to control and focus on this core bodily activity affects the calmness and sharpness of your mind, brain functions, reaction time and instant decision making related to defense maneuvers. You should learn more about this and become more aware of your breathing during all 24 hours of your day, not just when you are working out or training with your Ninjutsu partners on the mat.
Proper breathing technique should become part of your Ninjutsu training regime with your training partners. Be sure that you are all noticing each other's breathing and remind each other when someone is forgetting to do proper breath control.

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