Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ninja Street Defense: Ninjutsu Lesson / Bujinkan Videos Online

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This video "Ninja Lesson: Touch Don't Grab" discusses the reasons and techniques for training with a soft touch instead of grabbing your opponent with great power or force. It gives ideas for spontaneously creating improvised weapons out of pens, keys, belts, hats, luggage, etc. It recommends that you try some training in street clothes as they affect your body movement differently than a gi.

Grabbing your opponent can "telegraph" your next move and/or cause a reaction from your opponent that is not to your advantage. If you touch them softly (or not at all) they will not know what your next move is and you yourself are not so commited to a maneuver, enabling you to be more flexible about your response to your opponent's reaction. You can also deceive your opponent with a touch that is so light that your opponent is not even aware of what you are really doing. In addition, the less "hard movement" you commit to, the more you can focus on a variety of environmental cues around you - like flowing through your environment easily and quickly instead of forcing just a few maneuvers.

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Thanks to "Flute Ninja" and Christopher Kobylarz for their orginal music "Jungle Dance."