Saturday, July 2, 2011

SAN SHIN NO KATA: Beyond Basic Forms (Bujinkan/Ninjutsu)

This video shows how to use San Shin with punches while making observations about body mechanics related to the San Shin No Kata:

This video blog from Ninja Learning Network breaks down the 5 San Shin forms by demonstrating the body mechanics involved in performing the San Shin against a punch. These forms have been used, observed and recorded over the centuries because they occurred naturally during real warfare maneuvers - and now form a basis for training effective martial techniques.

This lesson supplements San Shin lessons featured in the downloadable, online video black belt course "Basics of Ninja Training" which has 5 lessons instruction other aspects of the San Shin.

San Shin No Kata roughly translates as "the 'three hearts' forms." There are 5 forms: Chi - Earth, Sui - Water, Ka - Fire, Fu - wind, Ku - Void. As you watch the maneuvers you can imagine why each on is named as such.