Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ninjutsu Lesson Online Video - Touch Dont Grab When Grappling

This video explains a little bit about how and why you should develop a "soft touch" instead of a "hard grasp" when grappling with an opponent. If you grab onto your opponent you could tend to focus too much on that part of the anatomy, becoming less aware of other potential attack or defense maneuvers that should come next. It could also decrease your awareness of the general environment - your attention should be ready to absorb ALL potential moves and obstacles that could affect your defense. Grabbing hard onto an opponent could also telegraph your intentions. If your presence and intentions are less known to your attacker because you are barely touching them (using your body to move them, instead of your hand or arm) then you will be more able to surprise them with the next move you make. Conversely, if your opponent is trying to grab you and muscle you, you should move your body to decrease their affect on you so that they don't know what you are going to do next with your body.

This online ninja lesson video is from the "Ninja Training Video Blog" which supplements the downloadable Bujinkan Black Belt course "Basics of Ninja Training" from Ninja Learning Network.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bujinkan Instructors Wanted Worldwide - Do you teach Ninjutsu?

Ninja Learning Network seeks qualified Bujinkan instructors who would like us to refer our online students to them for in-person training and/or testing. If you are already certified to train students in authentic Bujinkan, we would like to connect with you about supporting our black belt curriculum called "Basics of Ninja Training." This is our downloadable (or DVD) first degree black belt course. It contains over 60 videos and about 40 pages of curriculum guide.

Bujinkan and Ninjutsu students all over the world have purchased our course and we strive to connect them with their closest instructors to ensure they get hands-on training. Interested instructors who would like to review the curriculum should contact us for a free copy. Ninja Learning Network expects to develop a customized partnership with each dojo/instructor that applies. If accepted, there is no fee to participate.

Ninja Learning Network also can support any qualified Shihan who would like to start using our curriculum in their own dojo. Support includes potential financial compensation for dojos who want to provide our video course to their own students. Many dojos have their own videos, but the "Basics of Ninja Training" video course is a great supplement for any dojo's curriculum. It is also complete enough to provide Shihan with a ready-made curriculum to follow - while their students benefit from having access to complete and professional videos of the curriculum.

All inquiries are welcome!

Email Jess at Ninja Learning Network:

Ninjutsu affiliate inquiries are also welcome. For affiliate info visit Bujinkan Training.

Gun Disarm Training with Airsoft Pistols - Online Ninjutsu Lesson - Ninj...

Airsoft Pistols and Ninjutsu Training: How to train with Airsoft pistols to safely practice live ammunition gun attack defense. From the "Ninja Training Video Blog" by Ninja Learning Network."

Handling Airsoft pistols should be treated as if they are real, live, loaded weapons. And users should take care to wear eye and ear protection. When training, do not leave your finger in the trigger guard. Other safety concerns are explained in the video.

Some movement from Kihon Happo is represented - watch to see how those basic Ninja maneuvers are useful for gun disarms.

Do not practice this without professional supervision and do not rely on these techniques for actual self-defense. The scenarios depicted, an the defense maneuvers shown are theoretical situations demonstrated by highly trained professionals.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ninjutsu Online Lesson: What to do when your opponent is taller or shorter

Ninjutsu Online Lesson: What to do when your opponent is taller or shorter (from the Ninja Training Video Blog)

This lesson introduces concepts about how to adjust your strategy and techniques according to the comparative height of your opponent. For example, if you are significantly taller than your opponent, you can try techniques to "lift" his/her body slightly up toward the sky before following through with a strike, pin or other defensive maneuver. If you are shorter than your opponent you can adjust your hip placement for Nage Waza and other moves. Of course, metsubishi could play a more important role in that kind of scenario as well.

This installment of the "Ninja Training Video Blog" supplements the instruction provided in the downloadable black belt video course "Basics of Ninja Training."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

SAN SHIN NO KATA: Beyond Basic Forms (Bujinkan/Ninjutsu)

SAN SHIN NO KATA is roughly translated as "The 'three hearts' Forms." This video blog supplements The "Basics of Ninja Training" ONLINE BLACK BELT VIDEO COURSE which contains 4 lessons regarding the basic forms, essence and variations of San Shin.

One reason this is a fundamental aspect of Ninjutsu training is that the forms have been used, observed and recorded over the centuries as they occurred naturally during real warfare maneuvers - now forming a basis for using proven, effective martial techniques. Even today, the physics of the motions apply to modern self defense scenarios.

Each form is named after an earthly force, and you can see why in the video below. Each one has an "inner essence" (gokui) that corresponds in some way to the form it is named for. The five forms of the San Shin No Kata are:

Chi - Earth
Sui - Water
Ka - Fire
Fu - Wind
Ku - Void

Ninja Learning Network created a special 4-Lesson-Set of just the San Shin lessons from the black belt course. The "SAN SHIN 4-LESSON-SET OF VIDEOS" is available for immediate download.

SAN SHIN NO KATA: Beyond Basic Forms (Bujinkan/Ninjutsu)

This video shows how to use San Shin with punches while making observations about body mechanics related to the San Shin No Kata:

This video blog from Ninja Learning Network breaks down the 5 San Shin forms by demonstrating the body mechanics involved in performing the San Shin against a punch. These forms have been used, observed and recorded over the centuries because they occurred naturally during real warfare maneuvers - and now form a basis for training effective martial techniques.

This lesson supplements San Shin lessons featured in the downloadable, online video black belt course "Basics of Ninja Training" which has 5 lessons instruction other aspects of the San Shin.

San Shin No Kata roughly translates as "the 'three hearts' forms." There are 5 forms: Chi - Earth, Sui - Water, Ka - Fire, Fu - wind, Ku - Void. As you watch the maneuvers you can imagine why each on is named as such.