Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to use Bujinkan "Ukemi As Attack" - A Ninja Training Video Blog

This Bujinkan video lesson shows ideas for using Ukemi ("Breakfalls") and sometimes also Kaiten ("Rolls") to defend yourself by attacking your opponent while falling and rolling. This is an excerpt from 4th Kyu of the Bujinkan/Black Belt Video Course "Basics of Ninja Training" from Ninja Learning Network. Just when your opponent thinks they have you in a compromising position, you can take control of the situation by "bringing them down" to the ground and take command of the situation. These maneuvers should only be practiced after you have trained for awhile to achieve mastery of basic Ukemi and Kaiten maneuvers as explained in Kyu 9 of "Basics of Ninja Training" (Beginning Level.)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Martial Art Throwing Maneuvers_Bujinkan Nage Waza_Ninja Lessons

This clip is an excerpt from the 5th Kyu of the online (instant download) Bujinkan Black Belt Video Course "Basics of Ninja Training" at This video has details about two out of the 8 Nage Waza, or throwing maneuvers, that are shown in the complete lesson. The introduction is good to see for understanding the basic balance and stance fundamentals for a lot of the throws and there is a montage at the end that shows the 8 Nage Waza and their names: Yoke Nagare, Tachi Nagare, Tachi Nage, Temakura, Koshi Nage, Ippon Seoi Nage, Ippon Zeoi Nage and Gyaku Ippon Zeoi Nage.