Thursday, February 10, 2011

DOWNLOAD NINJUTSU LESSONS: Where to find Bujinkan Training videos from"

Students of Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in our case) can find free instructional tip videos online on our YouTube channel and many other places.  Our YouTube Channel posts helpful review clips from the Black Belt Course "Basics of Ninja Training" which we post as a service to help garner more interest in this martial art.  Those review clips, and the video blog clips we share almost every week on our "Ninja Training Video Blog" are meant to help people who can't afford DVDs.  This is also a good way to decide if you are interested in getting our our full-length, detailed black belt course lessons that are always available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. ["Basics of Ninja Training" Black Belt Video Course]

It's incredibly helpful to watch SOKE HATSUMI himself, so search for "Hatsumi" on all video web sites. Our web site has a page to direct you to some of Hatsumi's books and DVD's, too.  [Hatsumi Publications]

We don't recommend that you expect to learn or train effectively and safely without finding your closest dojo or instructor to train with in person, or at least travel to seminars and dojos on occasion. Shinobi Gear has a dojo locator which you can go to from this page on our web site to help you find a local Sensei. [dojo locator] 

Online or DVD lessons are ONLY helpful for helping you review terms and forms and to compare to your own training progress.  There are "at home" black belt courses for sale on the internet, and some sensei's will claim to award you legitimate black belt degrees without ever meeting you. But you should not consider these programs to be truly legitimate rank awards that will give you the benefit of actual training under an authorized Sensei.  However, online lessons are invaluable for helping your at home training and "academic knowledge" of the terms and forms of the art.

We get a lot of question from BEGINNERS AND NOVICES about where to go to download full lessons online, too. To answer this question we can point you to all the links mentioned above and especially to our 9th Kyu ("Level One") lesson on our download site. [9th Kyu]


Train On, Train Safe!

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